Tire Application Guide

The following codes are approved by the tire and rim industry to help match specific applications to specific agricultural industry codes.


Industry Tire Type

Field Application

Tractor Steering Tires

F-1 Agricultural Single Rib Tread Rice Farming
F-2M Agricultural Multiple Rib Tread (4 Rib) General Farming
F-2 Agricultural Multiple Rib Tread (3 Rib) General Farming
F-3 Agricultural Multiple Rib Tread Light Industrial Service

Rear Tractor Tires / Flotation

R-1 Drive Wheel Regular Tread General Farming
R-1W Drive Wheel, Wet Traction Tread Wet or Moist Soil
R-2 Rice and Cane, Deep Tread Wet Muck, Rice Farming, Sugar Cane
R-3 Drive Wheel, Shallow Tread Sandy Soils, Orchards, Highway Mowing, Golf Course Work, Light Industrial Service
R-4 Industrial Tractor, Drive Wheel Light Industrial Service
HF-1 High Flotation, Shallow Tread Golf Course Work, Turf Baler Operations
HF-2 High Flotation, Regular Lug Tread General Farming
HF-3 High Flotation, Deep Lug Tread Wet or Moist Soil
HF-4 High Flotation, Extra Deep Tread Wet Muck

Implement Tires

I-1 Rib Tread Free Rolling Wheels
I-2 Moderate Traction Implement Drive or Free Rolling Wheels
I-3 Traction Tread Drive Wheels
I-6 Smooth Tread  
FI Rib Tread with Highway Speed Approval Free rolling towed implements at highway speeds