nokian farm tires
Nokian Farm Tires

Requirements for agricultural tyres are changing During recent years, the size of tractors and other agricultural equipment has increased rapidly and so have their hauling and transportation speeds.
To meet the changing needs in agricultural use, Nokian Tyres is constantly developing new products to complement the traditional structures. The results include a wide range of radial tyres for tractors and other types of agricultural machinery

Nokian TRI2 Farm Tires

Nokian TRI2 Farm Tires

Features of the Nokian TRI2 Farm Tires:

  • Excellent Grip on all surfaces including winter conditions
  • Cleans itself easily
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent durability
  • Due to its speed category the tire is also well suited for on-road transportation
  • Stable to drive
  • Offers a car like driving feel
  • HA-oil free: only purified, low aromatic oils have been used in the manufacture of this tire
  • Low noise level
  • Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption
A pleasant tractor tyre with good grip. Suitable for farming, road maintenance and environmental contracting, and as an all-purpose agricultural tire.

Due to contractual obligations with Nokian, we are not able to sell this tire online, please call us at 978-633-3763 to purchase this tire.